This original Black Golden Rose Flower bracelet looks great with any color dress. Modern Seed Beads Fashion Party Floral bracelet can fit your dress and attract the attention of others. They are one of kind so your day will be amazing. Sure you can use it and later for daily or party wearing.
It is also perfectly suited to the romantic image. Perfect for promo party with black dress
This Flower created by waiting New year!

It is a transformer bracelet not only easy fitting 8 inches and smaller hand lift but at the same can be hair accessories.
Ths creation don’t afraid water, don’t afraid daily use, even slime chain are strong.

I used glass Czech beads, Bohemian glass.

Please note that in reality, the color of the item depends on your monitor and its color.

It is Shipping from the United States Florida Tampa

Cost: 23euro or 26$ US and shipping

To order please send me a message!

For you, jewelry comes in a beautiful gift pack.