Amazing elegant bracelet from Czech glass Small Seed with cotobe seed bead and citrine chips . with easy lock, easy fitting. Elegantly decorate your hand. Perfectly compatible with the classic dress. It will be a pleasure and everyday wear.

Wearing Citrine earrings may help you to think more clearly, as their vibration energizes the third eye chakra.

This may bring mental clarity and may precipitate an increase in spiritual vision.

This energy encourages joy, happiness and hopes to flow through you. Through this help, these crystals for happiness may aid you to learn how to be happy.
These crystals are also beneficial to assist you if you are participating in group activities, as they can help to unite the energy of all involved.

You can use this lemon crystal in your daily meditation using crystals, and you can do a specific meditation to attract abundance.
If you wear it anywhere on the body it will be helpful, but if you wear it as close as possible to the solar plexus chakra area it will be more effective to aid creativity.

The bright yellow Citrine crystals stimulate the sacral chakra and this will help to stimulate your creativity.

The sacral or navel chakra is where your imagination and creative abilities are birthed.

Having a piece of one of these beautiful yellow crystals within your auric field for as long as possible each day is advantageous to stimulate all chakras.

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Cost: 15euro or 17$ US and shipping

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This amazing bracelet romantic and fashion jewelry piece are and healing bracelet to bring luck to the owner
This one is ready for delivery!
It is one of kind design