Clarity and compassion
Unities the mind and the voice bringing clarity and objectivity of thought and speech
It helps filter the important and unimportant, to understand and reflect
Teaches compassion and spiritual love.
In fact, you can place a lapis on your Third Eye to help provide more insight into your dreams. Lapis increases the wisdom required to understand esoteric and spiritual issues.

Nice artist pendant on leather string 45cm -18inch necklace.
one of kind design with glass beads and stone mix. Nice beaded square like a pyramid , nice design with lazurite stone. Inspired minds about Indian meditation and ornaments.
Minimalist style fashion of this winter great gift that can wear daily.

It is Shipping from Lithuania Vilnius

Cost: 30euro or 35$ US and shipping

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Lapis stimulates your communicative abilities and increases clarity and awareness of your own being, both spiritual and physical. It helps one to become more organized in matters relating to everyday tasks, even though they may be mundane tasks. Lapis also helps one to overcome depression and encourages the realization that the infinite universe is far greater than any obstacle or problem we may be having at the present time.
Not only does lapis lazuli help in awareness, but it also enhances connection and balance between the yin and yang energies within and without, thus enhancing relationships between opposite sexes as a result. It also protects one from danger, both on the physical and spiritual planes (psychic attacks). Due to its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy, periodic cleansing of the stone should be conducted, from time to time.

Lapis lazuli has been used to treat disorders connected to the throat chakra area, such as sore throats. It enhances the functions of the thymus and immune systems. When placed under a pillow, lapis lazuli aids in sleeplessness and insomnia. It is a good stone for regenerating the body, specifically issues related to cellular and DNA damage, and can be used to rejuvenate the cells again. Being a blue stone, lapis is good for the organs that relate to communication, such as the throat, mouth, and ears; it has been used to help with hearing loss and heal the eardrum. Meanwhile, the crystalline form of lapis, namely lazurite, has been used to further heal muscular and skeletal issues.

Nice wear for every day. Elegant and easy pedant great look with any clothes.
Great gift for mother, girl, daughter

It one of kind creation, nice for gifts. already packed in a gift package.

made in free smoke, pets home