One of kind nice necklace made of white and beige colors beads. It has a unique design. This pedant can wear alone or with a necklace. Great for daily or pro party. Nice metal elements shine brings elegant in creation.
This necklace has include pedant, bracelet and rope, with it can create more ways to wear like can see in photos.
Earrings in this not include, but can buy too from my shop

Necklace length 19inches, Pendant height 6inches, Pendant width 3inches

this creation unique that is why you never see anything similar.

A fossilized nautilus shell invokes calmness, it is considered to be soothing, clear and cool. Shells hold the energetic intent for the meditation. According to the history recorded shell, it was exceedingly cherished and treasured across continents and cultures. Shells serve three purposes predominantly as a medium of currency or trade, as personal embellishment, and as an imperative part in ceremonial matter possessing spiritual or talismanic characteristics.

Physical Healing
Its healing properties are reflected in the human energy field and are the symbol of masculinity and femininity; it gives the wearer the strength, balance and renews the physical energy. Shells hold the curative values for diseases, like speech and communication, nervous system by delivering the cationic charge to the neural network and degenerative diseases.

Emotional Healer
There is wisdom in the nautilus shell it is also known for the path of growth and health-full body. The nautilus helps you to remain aware of the connection between past and present.

The nautilus shells allow the wearer to realize that discovery and growth engross continual crisis with instants of comfort speckled in-between. In pushing past which gives the impressions to be the outer limit the curves of life shells open new doors and unfolds the most beautiful future.

Spiritual Healer
Shells reduce stress and allow a greater sense of awareness. Shells can accelerate the healing process too mentally, physically and emotionally. Shell symbolizes water and moon which allow an individual to become more expressive, calm and soft-hearted. Shells depict unity too and imply to express the relationship, strength, balance, and energy. The magnetic energy of shells balances the larger magnetic field that surrounds the human body.

Shells are associated with the third eye chakra of opening vision, intuition, and spiritual insight. It also holds properties associated with release and purification as well. Conducive to healing shells act as a balancing tone, creating a feeling of peaceful rest associated with the heart chakra.

Shell as an analogy of a spiritual evolution offers us an effective possibility and opportunity for healing, growth, and balance.

Heals and Balances Chakra
Seashells regenerate and heal the power of Nature from vibrations so-called ‘sung into being’ or resonance. Evidence proved that the nautilus shell creates a sound aura and is used for sound healing practices in meditation and is coincided with the greatest concentration of artworks.

Nautilus seashells strengthen the energies of Nature and the universe and help to attune one the regenerative winding. Sound healing geometry of Nautilus seashells ‘sound of the song’ heals Kruin Chakra of the human body. Shells said to be associated with the throat chakra which enhances communication and clarity.

Fossilized nautilus shells ultimately tune the wearer with Nature and universal energies and grounds the spiritual body into the physical, it stimulates institutions too. Shells work to calm an overactive brain, however, stimulating new ideas it also energizes the imagination. Nautilus shells are known as a stone of transformation and are useful for support while going through a period of change.

Shells incorporate a water feature which in turn cradles the soul cleanses and purifies. Shells are chosen as a memory activator of our instinctive health and well being, and for being part of a larger natural outer space. Shells reflect the spectrum of healing light in which each person and the organizing principles help the wearer to stay in natural law. Nautilus fossils, shells are said to instill one’s quality in order to heighten business accomplishments.

Great gift for girls, women, wife’s and mothers.

The necklace packed in gift warp ready for shipping.

Made in no pet no smoke home so no allergy possible.

It is Shipping from the United States Florida Tampa

Cost: 80euro or 89$ US and shipping

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