One of kind nice necklace made of blue, gold and black toho 15 seed beads, Natural big red corals and crystals. It has a unique design. Great for daily or prom party.

this creation unique that is why you never see anything similar.

It nature pattern mixed with elegant prom style gives one of kind look.

Red Coral is the gemstone of planet Mars, which is an auspicious planet. Red Coral gemstone is not mined gemstone it is an organic gemstone that is found in the deep sea. Wearing this gemstone carries energy, ambition, blood circulation, vitality, and physical strength. Also wearing this stone protect oneself from enemies and evil spirit. Other benefits of a red coral gemstone are since we know that red coral gemstone represents the planet mars so wearing this stone emphasizes mars in one’s horoscope. And reduce the malefic effects of this planet. One can wear this stone with gold or copper ring to ensure the benefits of this stone.

Necklace length 19 inches

It is Shipping from the United States Florida Tampa

Cost: 45euro or 50$ US and shipping

For order please send me a message!

Great gift for girls, women, wife’s and mothers.

The necklace packed in gift warp ready for shipping.

Made in no pet no smoke home so no allergy possible.