This lovely hand-beaded necklace was made Inspired by an October Challenge topic “Princess of Mars”.

Mars princess was lonely stand on red cracked desert land .she toked stone and pulled far in the big crater and screamed with her voice: I will fight! we stay Alive! We will have again our home gardens and happy people!
Yes, she is a strong fighter. That was inspired by my creation, even in cracked like spiders’ land is somebody alive and sure princess should be wearing necklace witch shows no matter how hard she did not lose hope for a nice future.
This nice necklace on a naked body will create the cracked land effects, wild and powerful red energy strong.

This necklace created from nice beaded coral beads in glass beading and background natural skin . Glass beads are toho 15 brings all pieces of the best quality around bigger chekish beads and coral clips. few synthetic red Turkish cabochons different size and textures make more composition movements. Necklace length 14inches

It is Shipping from Lithuania Vilnius

Cost: 150euro or 162$ US and shipping

For order please send me a message!

This stunning necklace is looking for a home. Add it to your collection of wild gothic finds. Surprise someone with a unique gift. It’s a great conversation piece. I loved making this necklace and hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

All of my bead jewelry is sold as seen here. I can not alter the jewelry or change beads because this could damage the item. A lot of time and beadwork goes into these pieces. I can make a custom piece if there is a different color or style you are looking for. Prices are due to change with custom pieces. Please feel free to contact me about making your own custom piece of jewelry if interested. If this is for a wedding or a special event please allow enough time for ordering and completion of these embroidered pieces. As they take time to make. Thank you.