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Scarfs Ring

The scarf rings are made of chekish glass beads, the front is made with an incredible coral beading with baltic amber and sodalite chips, fantastically shaped, made by me in a traditional way trying to capture the shape of nature to reproduce, I really love to create with beads and stones.

A very nice packaging will accompany the jewel, if you are ordering a gift and would like to send a message to the recipient, let me know by private message.

This creation has natural stones witch has natural balancing to our body

Length 4,5 inches, Width 2,5 inches

Sodalite stone has a strong vibration that is particularly helpful to aid the development of psychic abilities and with developing intuition.

It may help you to understand the patterns behind such things as astrology and the tarot.

This stone may help you if you are doing public speaking and is excellent to aid communication generally.

It has strong metaphysical properties that may stimulate latent creative abilities and it aids teachers, writers, and students to understand the deeper philosophical principles.

It will bring your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth and its energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideals and ideas, about the nature of truth.

Baltic Amber
Amber was considered the “soul of the tiger” in Asian cultures and regarded as the stone of courage. Pieces of amber were carried for protection during long travels, as well as used to treat jaundice.

It is also believed that amber:

Balances emotions
Attracts good luck
Eliminates fears
Relieves headache
Clears the mind
Dissolves negative energy
Helps develop patience and wisdom

Few drops Sodalite just bring a few more strong aspects.

It is one of kind gift!

It is Shipping from the United States Florida Tampa

Cost: 18euro or 20$ US and shipping

To order please send me a message!