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Citrine and aventurine stone copper wrap bracelet


A citrine and aventurine stone copper wrap bracelet is a lovely accessory that combines the natural beauty of gemstones with the warmth and elegance of copper. Here’s a description of how such a bracelet might look:

The bracelet features citrine and aventurine stones, which are known for their vibrant colors and positive energies. Citrine is a sunny yellow gemstone associated with abundance, success, and positivity, while aventurine is typically green and is believed to bring luck and prosperity.

The final result is a stunning wrap bracelet that showcases the natural beauty of citrine and aventurine stones, while the copper wire adds a touch of rustic elegance. This piece of jewelry not only enhances the wearer’s style but also serves as a source of positive energy and inspiration throughout the day.

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Yes, this amazing bracelet very unique and of the best quality materials. Raw Citrine in the center and polished aventurine beads were put on the copper line and wrapped with pure copper.

This bracelet is 16,5cm or 6.5 inches, but can little adjust to make it smaller or a little longer like 1cm, by making an easy lock transforming of soft metal.

Great for bohemia girls, or lovers of natural stones.

A cheerful and uplifting gemstone, Citrine crystal properties are excellent for supporting the manifestation process. Citrine infuses your spirit with positive energy, which is a powerful tool when manifesting wealth or any other creation. When you harness Citrine crystal healing properties during meditation, its healing effects can be very effective in strengthening your mental output and establishing goals. To experience the maximum benefits of Citrine crystal properties, we recommend pairing them with other manifesting stones such as Clear Quartz crystal.

Aventurine properties are linked with the heart plexus chakra, which makes it a powerful gem for calming negative emotions such as anger that often gets stuck in the heart center. To harness these positive, healing vibes, place Aventurine on the heart and lower part of the stomach. While taking deep, relaxing breaths, feel the stone releasing negativity from your body and spirit and feel your aura being filled with a bright white light that encourages harmony and tranquility on your spiritual journey.


The perfect gift to make feel special

So this nice bracelet like a star in your life can be not only for beauty but and help in your life.


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