When we buying glass beads jewelry , should knows this facts!

First thing if it sewed on material and dont have direct touch with skin it more safer and longer keep they look .

when lets know who made it ,mostly masters writing from which making ,if not so mostly possible dont know , or Chinese

Beads from different manufacturers differ not only in the quality of the glass from which it was made, the durability of the paint and the type of coating

The cheapest beads are made in China.

Chinese beads - The coating of such beads is not resistant (except for frosted beads, "grated glass"). There are no color cards on Chinese beads and it cannot be brought under any particular size. The best, to the extent possible, Chinese beads are produced by the firm MatsOn (the name imitates the name of the Japanese firm MatsUna). Bead sellers who are not clean on hand often sell Matsono's beads to Czech beginners as Czech, but an experienced eye will immediately notice the difference.

Czech beads have proven themselves very well on the market.color fastness depends on the type of coating, but most types of paint allow the “Czech” to maintain the shine of beads for decades. The color palette is quite wide.

Matsuno Japanese beads take a position between Czech Preciosa beads and Toho Japanese beads.  The shape of the beads is close to Toho, the coating of beads is resistant, but many “lights” may turn black due to weather conditions, and “metallic” will be caught even while working with these beads.

The company TOHO (Toho) currently produces the largest palette of round beads. The coating is resistant.The shape of beads is wider, and conquered many needlewomen.

In the TOHO lineup, you can find the form of Treasure beads (analogue of Delica).

The most expensive and high-quality beads are produced by the Japanese company Miyuki (Miyuki). The form of beads Delica (Delica) is currently considered ideal .

The round beads of the Miyuki company are not inferior in quality, but the shape of the beads is thinner, closer to the “usual Czech style”.

Depending on the type of coverage, even Japanese beads can burn out in the sun or begin to climb.

Czech and Japanese beads can be: transparent - (TRANSPARENT), translucent - (TRANSLUCENT or SEMI-OPAQUE) and opaque (OPAQUE).

What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?

Some varieties of beads are made immediately from molten colored glass without further coloring, but the red-purple hues of such beads fade quickly enough in the sun. (An exception is the variety of Czech beads of the company Prezioza SOL GEL).

Colored beads (DYED) are produced by coating the already frozen beads. Then the beads are subjected to thermal or chemical hardening of the color, and then - polished. Such beads under the influence of sunlight can lose their luster, and when perfume gets on it - shed and leave stains (it is believed that the most resistant form of this coating is from Miyuki beads).

Unpolished, matte or "grated" beads (MATTE or FROST) with a pleasant "velvet" surface, it does not climb and does not fade, but can burn out in the sun.

What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?

Beads with a glossy finish (LUSTER, LUSTRE), which is applied to both transparent and matte beads, are sensitive to friction, especially glossy-golden coating (GOLD LUSTER).

Mother of Pearl (PEARL or PEARLIZED) or Ceylon (CEYLON) - popularly called pearl. Pearl coating is applied on tinted opaque beads, and Ceylon coating is pearl glaze applied on completely “clean”, transparent or translucent beads.

The mother-of-pearl coating is very sensitive to scratches and “Ceylon” in many manufacturers quickly fade in the sun and tarnish.

What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?
What need know before buy glass beads jewelry?

The rainbow coating (RAINBOW, in the marking is often found as AB and RB) and the dark “gasoline” Iris rainbow coating (IRIS) is very hardy, you can spoil them only with aggressive and barbaric effects on the product.

Metallized coating (METALLIZED) is obtained by spraying metal particles on beads. Such a coating, even from contact with simple water, begins to actively climb, in the process of working with such beads, it can completely peel off against the friction of your hands. Metallized coating is found absolutely among all manufacturers of beads, carefully read the markings on the packaging!

The galvanized coating (GALVANIZED) is more resistant than the metallized coating, but over time it will climb too. First, scratches appear on the surface of the beads, then larger pieces of the coating gradually break away from the scratches.

Metallic (METALLIC) coating is produced by spraying tin oxide on hot glass beads. Metals are more wear-resistant than electroplating, however, with frequent use of the product, they can darken or fade, and then begin to wear off.

Beads coated with semi-precious metals (HIGHER METALLIC) are similar in strength to metallic coating.

Also beads are covered: silver (STERLING SILVER PLATED), gold (18K, 22K or 24K GOLD PLATED), platinum (PLATINUM PLATED) or nickel (.NICKEL PLATED). Such a coating is relatively resistant, but like all gilding or silvering, tends to wear off gradually. Silver-plated beads, like silver, can darken.

The “bronze” coating (BRONZE) is applied in three stages: first, gilding is applied to the glass, then another material is sprayed with various shades of brass, copper or bronze. The coating "bronze" is fixed by baking. The bronze coating is found in Toho and Miyuki, it is very resistant to wear, and as a rainbow and iris, it is very difficult to spoil it.

Toho company developed and put on sale beads with metal coating based on galvanization - PERMANENT FINISH. According to the manufacturers, this coating is 95% more resistant than simple galvanized. However, it is not forever, but is really persistent, like “bronze”, it is very difficult to damage it.
I want to emphasize the type of coating "supra", which includes "metal" and "pearl" (SUPRA METALLIC and SUPRA PEARL) beads of Yablonex company (now Preciosa), "supra", which refers to "metal" and "mother-of-pearl" beads ( English. SUPRA METALLIC and SUPRA PEARL). Beads "supra" after applying the color is subjected to a special heat treatment ("baked") and gets a slightly matte surface. Also beads with this coating can be found mod marking silk (SILK). The “supra” coating in durability exceeds the “permanent finish” bead coating in Toho.

I hope the information collected by me will be useful to you!
And sure will help buy quality glass beads creation what keeps long enjoy!